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For Toys & Play Station

Product range:

Automatic gripper

Colorful HMI display

PLC Based easy operation

Multipoint parison thickness optimization

Preheat w/o people by PID timing boot

Bigger Platen Size

Linear Potentiometer

Platform with elevator, easy changeover of mold

Harmony Hydraulic System

Nitrided 38 CrMOALA extruder

Safety sensor protection

Energy accumulator low consumption

Quick material changeover

Quick Modular Maintenance

  • Technical Parameters
  • Model application reference
  • Technical Parameter Hot  for small toy partsHot  for medium to big sized toy partsHot  for big sized partsHot  for super big size
    Max. Product ref.L2025506012016022010002000
    Machine Dimension(LxWxH)M4×2.3×2.74.2×2.3×3.25×3.1×3.25×3.1×3.96.5×3.3×4.47.5×3.3×4.67.5×3.2×5.17.5×3.8×68.5×4×6.5
    Total WeightTon4.55.5791118223548
    Clamping Unit          
    Clamping ForceKN160160300300500700120018002200
    Platen Opening Strokemm250-850250-800350-1050350-1050400-1400400-1400600-1600600-18001000-2500
    Max.Mold Size(WxH)mm520×600520×600700×1000700×1000900×12001050×16001200×16001600×20001800×2200
    Mold Thicknessmm260-400250-400360-500360-500410-750410-750610-850610-9501050-1300
    Hydraulic MotorKW7.515151515/2222/3022/3730/4555
    Total PowerKW4053637085125175260300
    Fan Power for ScrewKW0.720.720.720.720.720.720.721.081.2
    Air PressureMpa0.
    Air Consumption㎥/min0.
    Average Energy ConsumptionKWH2025283538455580120
    Extruder Unit          
    Screw Diametermm70709090100110120135150
    Screw L/D RatioL/D25:125:125:125:130:130:130:130:130:1
    Plasticizing CapacityKG/HR80100100120200240280350480
    Number of Heating ZoneZONE444456667
    Extruder Heating PowerKW1012.512.512.52036404250
    Extruder MotorKW151522304555/7575/110110/132160
    Number of Heating ZoneZONE333556666
    Power of Die HeatingKW4157202536505060
    Accumulator CapacityL24.4561520305070
    Die Core Diametermm50-25050-25050-35050-35050-50050-50050-650200-800300-1000
    Note:  The data mentioned above are for reference only. Shengda reserves the rights of  modification. Final machine details subject to each specific contract.
  • Application Brief

    Make plastic schooling tools & play station by Blow Molding、Replacing traditional roto process.

    Fully covering sizes from small wheels to huge sliders、Applicable raw material: PE, PP, ABS…
    Eco-friend production process、Output rate x 10


    Product Details

Add: Jiaoyang Industrial Zone, Airport Road, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province (north of China Feiyue Group)




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